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PLEASE NOTE: We do not organise any of these events or rallies, if you need more information, please contact the organisers directly.

2022 VCB Signing on events will be published here following the VCB AGM,  and as soon as the 2022 events are published.

VCB Competitions 2021
The VCB held an online committee meeting recently and discussed the corona virus pandemic and the implications that it would have on our competitions.
Attendance Championship
We do not know to what extent the corona virus will affect scooter rallies for the full year. With the uncertainty of when restrictions will be lifted and when we can attend social events, we have decided that we cannot run this year’s championship. The championship needs to run throughout the year and to be spread across the UK. It is regrettable for the committee that we had to make this decision.
Riders Regional Competition
Again, we have had to make changes with our plans for the RRC. This competition was due to start on 1st March 2021. Due to the current lockdown measures including no unnecessary travel, it will not be possible for this competition to start on that date.
We are hopeful that at some stage restrictions will be lifted and we can start the RRC at a later date. The main difference between the RRC and the Attendance Championship is that the RRC can be done by an individual or in small groups of people, and social distancing can be observed more easily.
We are monitoring the situation with the restrictions and government guidelines and we will keep our members informed of any changes through our Facebook pages as well as Vespa News.
We have selected the date of Friday 2nd April 2021 as the new date for the RRC to start. As mentioned above this will be dependant on travel restrictions and further changes to the start date may need implementing.
VCB Committee