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Covid-19 Read This first

let's face it, we've had a crap couple of years!   During 2020 almost all scootering events were cancelled. It didn't get a lot better for most of 2021 either.  We did get out on our scooters towards the back end of the season, but most of us spent a good proportion of the year sat in front of the telly. (For Lambretta owners, read- in the shed).

As I write this in November 2021, covid cases are on the rise once more;  probably because we all got fed up of sitting at home!  But it is likely that covid restrictions may change once more.  So, before you go booking any hotels, or making plans,  it is vital you check with the organisers of rallies directly as to what their plans are for next year. Of course if you use our service by clicking links next to events, you can cancel at any time without paying any penalties.

You can keep up to date with the latest advice and guidance on Covid-19 here.


Please follow Goverment advice and also check with organisers of individual events  before setting off to any rally or event listed on this website.


Here's hoping we all get out to a few rallies in 2022...